Cabecera Agrosetenil


    The development of virgin and extra virgin olive oil AGROSETENIL and MONTE ESQUIMO, is done through a continuous two-phase system, where olives are milled every day without any additives or any other product than the olives. So we can say that the oil we produce is the natural juice of healthy olives. In this area the olive harvest begins between 1 and 15 November, so that the start of the season for the grinding takes place on the same date.

     In recent years the S.C.A. El Agro is getting an average annual virgin and extra virgin olive oil production between 2,500,000 and 3,000,000 kg.


      The extra virgin olive oil, AGROSETENIL and MONTE ESQUIMO, is characterized by gathering most of the positive attributes that must meet the high quality oils, such as fruity and fresh bouquet, which remind of herbs, banana, apple and tomato, its balanced bitter and spicy flavor and its greenish yellow colour. These attributes are characteristics of the oils from the varieties of olives such as Lechín, Picual, Hojiblanco and Manzanillo, varieties that predominate in our municipality.


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